"Christmas" - Orchestral

Christmas - Keith Chasin
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This piece is an orchestral composition for hypothetical holiday content. It's merry, bright, and even contains the sleigh bells.

Hard Working Rock - Keith Chasin
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"Hard Working Rock" - Rock

This piece is a rock composition for some hard-working media. Perhaps it's for a truck commercial, or a home improvement show. 

"Flying" - Orchestral

This piece is an orchestral piece set to a stock aerial drone shot. I was going for a majestic piece that accented the beauty of the land flying underneath.

Rise To Action - Keith Chasin
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"Rise To Action" - Orchestral

This piece is a little more active than others, setting up some big, heroic action. This is the "Short Excerpt" version, condensed for example's sake and for shorter cues

"The '39 San Francisco Exhibition" - Orchestral

This piece is set to footage from the 1939 San Francisco Exhibition, A World's Fair set on the West Coast. Once again, it is condensed for example's sake.

"Sweet Suite" - Jazz Fusion

This piece is written by me for The Triple T's. This is a live performance of it from our album release backyard concert, slowly being released on Youtube.

"Turtle" - String Ens.

This piece is a string ensemble piece (with added percussion) set to stock footage of a sea turtle. I was trying to create a nature documentary atmosphere, starting with playful music that expanded as the turtle started swimming

"As Far East As Bangor" - Big Band

This is an original big band piece, recorded by my colleagues and I during the pandemic. Please excuse audio quality, this is more of a proof of concept that I did with my friends showcasing the piece. 

"Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing" - Big Band

This is an arrangement of the Stevie Wonder classic, recorded by my colleagues and I during the pandemic. Like the previous video, please excuse audio quality.

"Theme from 'Star Trek: Voyager'" - Jazz Cover

This is a jazz cover I made of the theme song from "Star Trek: Voyager". While this is not an original, I wanted to show that I have eclectic tastes in styles and music, and more importantly, am interested in doing anything and everything musically.

"Dystopian Future" - '80s Cyber

Dystopian Future - Keith Chasin
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This piece is a possible song for a dystopian future. It is inspired by 80's film music regarding similar subject matter.

"Groove" - Electro-funk Lite

Groove - Keith Chasin
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This is a simple groove tune. It starts a hopeful and forward-thinking, then devolves into a good time.

"Skyflow" - Ambient Pop

This is a perfect background piece, likable to all and just enough to stay out of the way of the real content.

Skyflow - Keith Chasin
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Advert Demo - Keith Chasin
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"Advert Demo"

This is a sample advertisement composition. It pairs nicely with a serious tone, possibly of a hopeful nature.

"Bumper #1" - Bumper

This is a sample bumper. Short, sweet, to the point, and moves on to the next topic.

Podcast Bumper - Keith Chasin
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For more examples, feel free to visit the rest of this website, which covers my jazz arrangements and compositions.