"Flying" - Orchestral

This piece is an orchestral piece set to a stock aerial drone shot. I was going for a majestic piece that accented the beauty of the land flying underneath.

Rise To Action - Keith Chasin
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"Rise To Action" - Orchestral

This piece is a little more active than others, setting up some big, heroic action. This is the "Short Excerpt" version, condensed for example's sake and for shorter cues

"Turtle" - String Ens.

This piece is a string ensemble piece (with added percussion) set to stock footage of a sea turtle. I was trying to create a nature documentary atmosphere, starting with playful music that expanded as the turtle started swimming

"As Far East As Bangor" - Big Band

This is an original big band piece, recorded by my colleagues and I during the pandemic. Please excuse audio quality, this is more of a proof of concept that I did with my friends showcasing the piece. 

"Dystopian Future" - '80s Cyber

Dystopian Future - Keith Chasin
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This piece is a possible song for a dystopian future. It is inspired by 80's film music regarding similar subject matter.

"Groove" - Electro-funk Lite

Groove - Keith Chasin
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This is a simple groove tune. It starts a hopeful and forward-thinking, then devolves into a good time.

"Skyflow" - Ambient Pop

This is a perfect background piece, likable to all and just enough to stay out of the way of the real content.

Skyflow - Keith Chasin
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Podcast Bumper - Keith Chasin
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"Bumper #1" - Bumper

This is a sample bumper. Short, sweet, to the point, and moves on to the next topic.

For more examples, feel free to visit the rest of this website, which covers my jazz arrangements and compositions.