This jingle was composed by myself, with lyrics sung by Andrew Carson

"Christmas" - Orchestral

Christmas - Keith Chasin
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This piece is an orchestral composition for hypothetical holiday content. It's merry, bright, and even contains the sleigh bells.

Hard Working Rock - Keith Chasin
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"Hard Working Rock" - Rock

This piece is a rock composition for some hard-working media. Perhaps it's for a truck commercial, or a home improvement show. 

"Sweet Suite" - Jazz Fusion

This piece is written by me for The Triple T's. This is a live performance of it from our album release backyard concert, slowly being released on Youtube.

"Blue Climate" - Tension

Blue Climate - Keith Chasin
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This piece is a piano-based tension track. It could work in a dramatic setting.

Road of a Champion - Keith Chasin
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"Road of a Champion" - Electric Orchestral

This piece is a minute-long hybrid of traditional stringed instruments and electronic styles. It's aggressive, perhaps good for a sports reel

"As Far East As Bangor" - Big Band

This is an original big band piece, recorded by my colleagues and I during the pandemic. Please excuse audio quality, this is more of a proof of concept that I did with my friends showcasing the piece. 

"Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing" - Big Band

This is an arrangement of the Stevie Wonder classic, recorded by my colleagues and I during the pandemic. Like the previous video, please excuse audio quality.

"Dystopian Future" - '80s Cyber

Dystopian Future - Keith Chasin
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This piece is a possible song for a dystopian future. It is inspired by 80's film music regarding similar subject matter.

"Ayoade in Fall" - Piano with Strings

Ayoade in Fall - Keith Chasin
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This is a lighter piece of music, good behind a Voiceover or a gripping piece of media.

"Skyflow" - Ambient Pop

This is a perfect background piece, likable to all and just enough to stay out of the way of the real content.

Skyflow - Keith Chasin
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"Experimental 20v" - Experimental Electronic"

Experimental 20v - Keith Chasin
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"Bumper #1" - Bumper

This is a sample bumper. Short, sweet, to the point, and moves on to the next topic.

This is an electronic synth-based track that would work behind media.

Podcast Bumper - Keith Chasin
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"Theme from 'Star Trek: Voyager'" - Jazz Cover

This is a jazz cover I made of the theme song from "Star Trek: Voyager". While this is not an original, I wanted to show that I have eclectic tastes in styles and music, and more importantly, am interested in doing anything and everything musically.

"Flying" - Orchestral

This piece is an orchestral piece set to a stock aerial drone shot. I was going for a majestic piece that accented the beauty of the land flying underneath.

Rise To Action - Keith Chasin
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"Rise To Action" - Orchestral

This piece is a little more active than others, setting up some big, heroic action. This is the "Short Excerpt" version, condensed for example's sake and for shorter cues

"The '39 San Francisco Exhibition" - Orchestral

This piece is set to footage from the 1939 San Francisco Exhibition, A World's Fair set on the West Coast. Once again, it is condensed for example's sake.

For more examples, feel free to visit the rest of this website, which covers my jazz arrangements and compositions.

This piece is a quick nostalgic piano track. It is currently being used by the New Orleans Tourism Board for their Holiday 2021 Campaign (if only I had named it "Bourbon Street at Midnight" . . . ).

"Beale Street at Midnight" - Piano Jazz

Beale Street at Midnight - Keith Chasin
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